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Trees in the Wind


A reGEN filmmaker is one who makes films principally from a deep-seated calling to sacred leadership - from a desire to transform, inspire, challenge, and heal her audience through the medicine of her stories, understanding that stories transform our world.

reGEN aims to fund:

  • 3 reGEN films in 2024 - $1.5M

  • 6 reGEN films in 2025 - $3M

  • 36 reGEN films by 2033 - $10M

  • 108 reGEN films by 2043

In addition to these films being created and transforming audiences, our work will seed and grow a different kind of creative ecosystem in the emerging sector of regenerative media.

Over the next 10 years, reGEN will birth and support the first generation of reGEN filmmakers.


By funding reGEN filmmakers and their projects - from development all the way through distribution and marketing/impact campaigns we: 

  • Create expansive, nourishing films that inspire, challenge, and transform audiences

  • Experiment with innovative models in filmmaking that can be used to grow the emerging sector of regenerative media

  • Share our learnings out to other filmmakers and companies to ignite a ripple effect of change in the wider industry

Ecko Aleck

Ecko (stage name SacRED) is an award winning Nlaka’pamux artist, founder and CEO, raised

with the shishalh Nation and currently living on Pentlatch (Qualicum) Nation lands on

Vancouver Island. Ecko is a modern day shape-shifter with digital arts, storyteller through

movement and medicine woman of the heart, on a mission to support all people and the

planet to return to a natural rhythm of well-being. On her journey to self-determination from freelance artist to CEO, Ecko has gathered a tool-kit of knowledge that she now carries forward into the ever evolving transformation of her own healing journey and her business, Sacred Matriarch Creative. She weaves together ancestral guidance, circle teachings, sacred space facilitation, medicine, tools, technology, land-based ways of knowing and a vision of New Earth. Since the launch of Sacred Matriarch Creative in 2019, Ecko has won multiple awards and pitch competitions in the practice of speaking dreams into existence. She envisions a world where Indigenous peoples lead the way through ancient knowing and the next generations are empowered to thrive in their own unique gifts and voices.

Sami Bass

Sami Bass is a filmmaker and ancestral medicine worker focused on bringing the ancient ceremonial elements of storytelling into the future of filmmaking. She's traveled the globe to study with elders from traditions far and wide, bringing these practices to her work as a writer, producer, performer, and healer, bridging the gap between regenerative healing practices and modern media. She has been an influential voice in groundbreaking films and advocacy for years including MoviesByHer and The Redeemer. In 2020 Sami created the docu-series Disrupting the Silence in which she facilitated conversations between non-actors, encouraging them to explore challenging conversations from race to gender identity, in front of the camera to promote a culture that tackles difficulty rather than ignoring it. Sami has also worked alongside such organizations as LevelForward (Slave Play, Jagged Little Pill) and The Red Sands Project on advocacy and impact, creating awareness while carving space for lesser known voices in the industry. On one of her most recent films, We Ride for Her, Sami created safe interview spaces for human-trafficking survivors and their family members by integrating her healing and trauma-informed practices to her capabilities as a producer. In 2021 Sami worked alongside Golden Globe winner, Irene Bedard, and The Sundance Institute Fellowship recipients to explore parity in indigenous storytelling. Sami uses her skills as a healer, Black and indigenous woman, queer person, and filmmaker to weave safer spaces for the previously-voiceless while digging deep into the shadows of society, creating equality and healing for all.

Catherine Eaton

Catherine Eaton is a director, actor, writer, and believes in storytelling as a powerful agent for change. She was selected as a Shadowing-Director for Ryan Murphy's Half Program and for Tribeca Film Festival's "Through Her Lens" Director’s Lab and Grant. Catherine directed/co-wrote the feature THE SOUNDING - starring Harris Yulin (OZARK) and Frankie Faison (THE WIRE) – which won over two-dozen awards on the festival circuit including four Festival Grand Prizes, sold to HBO for international broadcast, myCinema for North American theatrical, and was nominated for the SAMHSA Voice Awards for activism. She is currently at work on her next feature film, THE CONTROL ROOM, co-written by Naomi McDougall-Jones and Christian Coulson. Catherine’s pilot script FREE RADICAL – based on her experience working with freelance news crews in conflict zones – was selected for The Gotham/IFP's Project Forum. Catherine is a Statera Mentee under Showrunner Kit Steinkellner, and an inaugural Avalon: Story Fellow. She is a Director/Writer at Next Chapter Podcasts where she has directed seven fiction episodes and written/adapted 55 plus episodes in collaboration with Marcus Gardley (THE CHI), Oscar-winner Jeffrey Witty and others. She has created content for MSG's Garden of Dreams Foundation and shares an Emmy with the production team on "The Human Toll of Ethanol" (Bloomberg TV). As an award-winning actor, Catherine has performed on Broadway, in regional theaters across the country, on TV and film, and toured internationally. She was recently nominated for a Helen Hayes Award. Catherine teaches Screen Directing at Harvard, and is the founder of the Empathy|Genius Lab. She is Paraguayan and French-American.

Naomi McDougall Jones

Naomi McDougall Jones is a storyteller and changemaker. She has written, acted in, and produced two award-winning feature films. The first, Imagine I’m Beautiful (2014), collected 12 awards on the film festival circuit before receiving a theatrical and digital distribution deal and is now available on AmazonPrime. Her second feature, Bite Me (2019), was released via a paradigm-shifting 3 month, 51 screening, 40 city Joyful Vampire Tour of America that took the country by storm, and is now available on iTunes, GooglePlay, and Amazon. She is currently at work on her next two feature films: Hammond Castle, an adult fairytale for which she received the honor of being the first artist in residence at the final home of Ernest Hemingway in Sun Valley, Idaho, and The Control Room, a psycho-sexual thriller co-written with Christian Coulson. Naomi is an advocate and thought leader for bringing gender parity to cinema. Her writing on this has appeared in The Atlantic, Ms. Magazine, and, and she gave a virally sensational TEDTalk, What it’s Like to Be a Woman in Hollywood, which has now been viewed over 1 million times and can be seen on Naomi’s first book, The Wrong Kind of Women: Inside Our Revolution to Dismantle the Gods of Hollywood, debuted as a #1 Amazon bestseller and received an electric critical response, with The Christian Science Monitor calling it, “ outpouring of passion that will change the ways in which movies are seen,” and is now available wherever books are sold. Naomi has been a guest speaker at NYU, Columbia, Harvard, and Cambridge Universities and her book is on the curriculum at colleges and universities around the globe. Naomi is currently at work on her second book, American Selkie. She is a Founder of The 51 Fund, a private equity fund dedicated to financing films by women. Their films Cusp and Shayda both premiered at the Sundance Film Festival and won a Special Jury Prize and the Audience Award respectively. Shayda is Australia’s official entry for the 2024 Best International Feature Film Academy Award. Naomi is now the Head of reGEN films, which develops, incubates, and grows regenerative business models for the funding, creation, distribution, and marketing/impact of independent films in service of an emerging ecosystem through which the full range of available voices can transform audiences.

Charlene SanJenko

Charlene SanJenko is an Indigenous Storyteller, Impact Producer, and Media Visionary. Born in the Splatsin Band of the Shuswap Nation, Charlene believes inclusive innovation by creating from a place of collective genius and celebrating cohesive partnerships that bring stories of hope and possibility alive. Charlene is a veteran in the social impact and women’s leadership space, former municipal politician, and rural community economic development enthusiast. She is a former corporate executive in investment services, marketing & communications, and impact production through a digital publication, experiential events, a speaker series, and community television. As a newly emerging filmmaker, Charlene holds unbridled optimism for the power of regenerative media and relational filmmaking as our generation’s most powerful lever for intergenerational healing and transformative change - for our families and our future.

Sarah Springer

Sarah is an Emmy-nominated producer, documentary filmmaker, and creative working
in unscripted and scripted development for production companies and labs. She started
her career at CNN where she reported and wrote stories about race and identity for
Soledad O’Brien’s In America series, then later worked as a producer for ABC's Good
Morning America, Nike, CBS News/60 Minutes, BET, and VICE Media. She began
working in immersive storytelling at RYOT Media where she oversaw creative direction
and production for immersive, branded, and linear series before becoming an
independent consultant, producer and director. Sarah was voted one of the top 28 most powerful Black people in media by Blavity, was recently nominated for a Clio Award, and is the Co-creator of STILL HERE, an immersive experience that premiered at the 2020 Sundance Festival created in partnership with Al Jazeera Contrast. She recently produced Love, Lizzo for HBO Max and continues to work as a Professor of Journalism at USC and the CEO of TISSUE LLC and co-founder of Advocates for Inclusion in Media, an organization dedicated to supporting Black creatives in the industry.

Meet the reGEN filmmakers

Ecko Aleck   Sami Bass   Catherine Eaton   Naomi McDougall Jones   Charlene SanJenko   Sarah Springer
Ecko Aleck   Sami Bass   Catherine Eaton   Naomi McDougall Jones   Charlene SanJenko   Sarah Springer

Meet the reGEN filmmakers

Legacy of the Land 
Ecko Aleck

Returning to ancestral wisdom for the future well-being of people and the planet. 

A multi-media interwoven web-series, learning platform, and e-book that follow the journey of trauma from colonization, capitalism, and residential schools to truth, reconciliation, intergenerational healing and the revival as Medicine People of the land.

The Mentor 
Sami Bass 

The Mentor is a psychological thriller that follows Sophie, a young woman who’s just graduated from a rehabilitation program for cPTSD survivors, and is trying to reassimilate into society. We follow Sophie through an inexplicable series of events as she is forced to reckon with whether she is unprepared to handle everyday life, or if she can truly trust her grasp on reality.

The Control Room 
Catherine Eaton

In this psycho-sexual thriller, Gretchen returns to her hometown in Idaho after the death of a friend, only to find herself embroiled with a mysterious young couple, Leo and Maya, who are temporary caretakers at the local nuclear facility. The Control Room uses the landscape of a psycho-sexual thriller to ask uncomfortable questions about the after-effects of oppressive systems echoing deep within us, even after the perpetrators have been called out. One thing is certain: The Control Room will leave you panting.

Hammond Castle
Naomi McDougall Jones

In this fairytale for grown-ups, a 7-month pregnant, failed actress becomes entangled with the power-hungry ghost of a long-forgotten inventor, hell-bent on reclaiming fame. He draws her into a glamorous, ghost-filled fantasy and, together, they hatch a dangerous plan to secure both their legacies…at a terrible cost. Listen to the radio play adaptation of this film HERE

Nika and the Firedancers
Charlene SanJenko

A feature film exploring the complexities of inter-racial adoption, racial ambiguity, blood memory, and identity. A disgruntled media executive discovers the thin metaphysical veil between time and space when she seeks harmony in her life and bravely begins to integrate decades of seemingly disparate pieces touching both individual and collective pain bodies, forgiveness, and generational healing.

When Weeds Invade The Land
Sarah Springer

When Charisse is asked to come to Idaho for a writer’s residency program at Ernest Hemingway’s home, she could not wait for the opportunity. Finally, she’d be alone - in her own space to write uninterrupted. That is until strange things begin to happen inside, eventually putting her face-to-face with the deceased literary hero and his family in what would be eight days of haunted torture in the fight for space. When Weeds Invade the Land is a psychological thriller based on true events.

Filmmaker Projects

How you can make a difference.

Mothers of Film is our innovative film funding model that sustainably supports the development and growth of our Regenerative Filmmakers, while unlocking innovative new models for the industry at large. Any person, of any gender, can become a Mother of Film.

Join our reGEN Film Club where you will watch mind-expanding movies, hear from and meet our reGEN filmmakers, and engage in deep and exciting discussions with a wide community of film lovers.

Support reGEN and our Regenerative Filmmakers by purchasing a NOURISH Story Kit. Each story kit delivers regenerative ingredients to calm the mind, relax the body and nourish the soul.

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