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Better. Together.

Get involved with something that matters. Together we will make a difference. 

With your help reGEN aims to fund:

  • 3 reGEN films in 2024 - $1.5M

  • 6 reGEN films in 2025 - $3M

  • 36 reGEN films by 2033 - $10M

  • 108 reGEN films by 2043

With your support the emerging sector of regenerative media will flourish, creating wider transformation in how stories are told and whose voices we get to hear, resulting in a more beautiful, more whole future for us and arising generations.

reGEN Films invites you to become an active part of transforming our future by transforming the stories we tell today.

Because of you, transformational films will be made and delivered to audiences in impactful, community-building, change-inducing ways.

Mothers of Film

Mothers of Film is our innovative film funding model that sustainably supports the development and growth of our Regenerative Filmmakers, while unlocking innovative new models for the industry at large. Any person, of any gender, can become a Mother of Film.

Film Clubs

Join our reGEN Film Club where you will watch mind-expanding movies, hear from and meet our reGEN filmmakers, and engage in deep and exciting discussions with a wide community of film lovers.

Join us and take action.

Mothers of Film    Film Clubs    
reGEN Creation Cohort    Donate     Purchase a Nourish Story Kit

More ways to get involved.

We are inviting you to join our 2024 Regenerative Creation Cohort and become one of those creators weaving our way to a more beautiful future through creating and sharing your work regeneratively.*

Your donation matters

Support reGEN and our Regenerative Filmmakers by purchasing a NOURISH Story Kit. Each story kit delivers regenerative ingredients to calm the mind, relax the body and nourish the soul.

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