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reGEN films develops, incubates, and grows regenerative business models for the funding, creation, distribution, and marketing/impact of independent films in service of an emerging ecosystem through which the full range of available voices can transform audiences.

About Us

Who We Are

Naomi McDougall Jones
Head of reGEN films
Co-Lead of reGEN global studios

Naomi is a 15-time award-winning filmmaker, viral TED speaker, author, and has spent the last decade as a changemaker working for parity in film. She is the Founder of The 51 Fund, a private equity fund dedicated to financing films by female filmmakers. She has spent the last five years in experimentation to develop equitable business models for film.

Charlene SanJenko
Head of reGEN impact media;
Co-Lead of reGEN global studios

Charlene SanJenko is a two-time Indigenous founder with a solid corporate background in investment services, marketing & communications, community economic development, politics, and impact production, dedicated to radically transforming how creative resources are allocated and to whom, for the highest purpose of all our relations.

reGEN Global Studios is the first and only Indigenous-owned and female-led regenerative media studio.

It is the parent brand for the full reGEN ecosystem.

reGEN global studios

reGEN films develops, incubates, and grows regenerative business models for the funding, production, distribution, and marketing/impact of independent films.

This is in service of an emerging ecosystem through which the full range of available voices can transform audiences.

reGEN films

reGEN impact media specializes in building positive momentum, specialized impact campaigns, and brand allyship around regenerative films with a focus on historically under-recognized artists and storytellers. 


We walk beside creative teams to develop and implement strategies, partnerships, and accessible opportunities that unlock the fullest potential of impact possible to shift our future’s narrative.

reGEN impact media

How We Work


By 2033, there is now the first true generation of media healer storytellers. 36 reGEN Filmmakers' work, visions, and voices have had the opportunity to develop and pioneer new landscapes of media storytelling in an ecosystem of support, abundance, and deep community of connection.


The films and stories from these reGEN Filmmakers, as well as of our NextGEN filmmakers, have reached a broad and deep cross-section of audiences across North America and the globe. These stories have challenged, inspired, and blown open minds, healed hearts, reconnected to their spirit, and, as a result, individuals and communities of all kinds have become more unified and more whole.


reGEN global studios has consistently delivered invigorating and nourishing audience experiences through meaningful engagement with stories experienced in community - whether in-person or virtually. Unlike today's trend of bingeing "fast food media," audiences deeply engage with reGEN's films and filmmakers, which ignite them into deep conversation, internal transformation, and external action. 


Using the initial seed fund of philanthropic dollars to experiment with and develop innovative and sustainable business models in independent film. These models have been shared with and adopted by the wider industry and filmmakers, such that there is a broad ripple of change towards sustainability, access, and health of process. These new models have also allowed reGEN films to fund its continuing work through mixed capital funds, bringing in impact investors as our models become financially sustainable.


reGEN impact media has worked with brands to shift their advertising dollars towards support impact campaigns around reGEN films, ushering in a next-wave of advertising and progressive sponsorship, driving the reach and amplification of our storytellers and media projects.


reGEN's model of relational filmmaking and nextGEN training programs are recognized widely within the international media landscape and reGEN is partnering with academic universities and industry associations to continually seed regenerative media practices into each new generation of storytellers. reGEN films also teaches these practices directly through learning programs and retreats, as well as a longer-form, accredited training program.

Our Vision

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