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Mothers of Film

Be The Change You Want To See

Become a Mother of Film and help fund a reGEN filmmaker.

Mothers of Film

Mothers of Film (MoF) is an innovative film funding model that sustainably supports the development and growth of reGEN filmmakers work over time, as well as an ecosystem in which they can prioritize human impact and transformation at every phase of the filmmaking process over concerns of commercial profitability. 

Through MoF, each reGEN filmmaker will be funded to make one film every three years for at least nine years.

Select your level below and become a Mother of Film today by committing to a tax-deductible* donation at the level and receiving reciprocal benefits. Any person, of any gender, can become a Mother of Film. 

*please note tax receipts are not yet available outside of the USA. Register below to stay notified for updates!

Play a key role in birthing reGEN Films - the kind of soulful, expanding, challenging, and transformative storytelling that can truly lift, shape, and heal individuals and cultures

  • On-screen credit in our regenerative films

  • Quarterly opportunities to meet and follow along with our filmmakers’ journeys


All benefits of lower levels, in addition to:

  • Attend screenplay readings before our films are made

  • VIP passes to all reGEN live events & screenings


All benefits of lower levels in addition to:

  • VIP on-screen credit in our regenerative films

  • VIP tickets to our regenerative films' red carpet premieres

  • Meet & Greet opportunities with our films' casts and crews



All benefits of lower levels, in addition to:

  • Invitation to visit the sets of our regenerative films

  • Invitation to attend an annual retreat with our regenerative filmmakers for healing, creative inspiration and expression, and community

Join Mothers of Film​

Be an apart of something that matters. Support reGEN Filmmakers. And make a difference.

Select an option

Through Mothers of Film, each regex filmmaker will be funded to make one film every three years for at least nine years. It is reGEN’S goal to be funding 36 filmmakers by 2033, which will result in 108 film projects released to global audiences and give birth to the first generation of reGEN filmmakers. 

More Ways To Get Involved

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